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Data collection and sharing are essential elements to each activity. Uses of spreadsheets and paper forms are outdated at digital time; we offer an innovative alternative to these practices : Usine Data.

Usine Data is Web cooperation solution, quite unique, on which you can easily create an information exchange platform, adapted to your business. Design your forms (records, reports, requests and professional acts), share them to your teams and co-workers in a flash, and, make powerful databases. Your solution will quickly be operational and could be adapted to your uses. From now, your professional data will be standardised, protected, reliable and useful.


We focus on creating game changing products for the benefit of our clients.
Hyperboloide is specialized in the design and implementation of software. Our philosophy is simple: "Creating the best products for our customers". Software is a vital ingredient to a successful business, big or small.
Therefore, we commit to long term relationships, helping business growing and being the partner they can rely on. All our solutions are tailor-made, crafted with skills and passion.

Frederic Delbos

Database and Information System

We create useful and powerful systems by understanding your core business.

  • We validate blue print thoroughly with our clients (using mocks, business cases, meetings, ...) until they are satisfied and confident.
  • During the whole creation process customers can access the prototypes.
  • We use open source tools and languages so the project is never dependent of a third party vendor.
  • We offer hosting and maintenance services, in the cloud or on your infrastructure.

User Experience

A rich and dynamic user interface can give a new breath to a website.

  • We work hard to keep it simple.
  • We use the latest html5 standard combined with top-notch Javascript code to create a compelling user experience.
  • Our designs are compatible with mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

New Concepts

We love experimenting with new concepts and ideas, especially if they challenge us. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we can do for you:

  • Distributed systems that can serve millions of users.
  • Databases that address complex requirements.
  • Embedded systems.
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android.
  • Real time applications.
  • Your next great idea!


Hyperboloide is an innovative startup company based in France and lead by two engineers.

Feel free to email us for any question, inquires, request or just to say hello!

Eric Tchernishoff
Eric Tchernishoff - Business Development
Frederic Delbos
Frédéric Delbos - Engineering